Ball Mills are used in the field of size reduction. Slow rotational speed combined with simple and robust construction make them ideal for grinding hard and abrasive materials where continuity of service, low maintenance and minimum down time are a necessity.
BS ENGINEERING is able to offer a wide range of Ball Mill units in a variety of forms, these are:

  • Open Circuit Grinding System
  • Close Circuit Grinding System
  • Air Swept Milling System
  • Open Circuit System:
    • Application to continuous operation
    • Finished product is obtained from a single pass through the mill
    • Air Swept Milling System
    • Typically produces a wide particle size distribution with a high proportion of super fines in the product
    • Require careful selection of length/ diameter ratio of the mill and diaphragm design to ensure correct residence time and product fineness
    • Close Circuit System:
      • Application to continuous operation
      • Mill product is fed to a classifier controlling final product size
      • Oversize material is returned from classifier to mill for further reduction
      • Capable of achieving top size products of the order of 10 microns or finer with appropriate Classifier
      • Typically produces a narrower particle size distribution than open circuit with accurate control of maximum particle size
      • Minimizes over Grinding, resulting in improved milling efficiency, lower specific power consumption and smaller mill for given capacity
      • Air Swept System
        • Applicable to dry closed-circuit milling only
        • Operates with an airflow passing through the mill providing elementary pre-classification
        • Capable of providing top size products of the order of 50 microns or finer
        • Typically produces narrow particle size distribution with relatively high values
        • Enables limited drying of material to be accommodateds

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