High Efficiency Dynamic Separator:

BS ENGINEERING Dynamic Separators improves the mill performance by avoiding over grinding of the material, and gives the required product fineness by efficiently separating the course particles from the fine particles. Our separators have achieved more than 80-90% efficiency in separation of fines

  • Energy Saving: While the mill is performing the grinding work, the Separator removes the finer particles from the mill discharge and prevents them from being over ground, thereby, saving energy.
  • Increasing Production: By extracting part of the material from the grinding process, the separator creates vacant space inside the mill allowing for more fresh material to enter the mill, and thus increases the production ratio.
  • Flexibility Of Product Quality : Flexibility to produce products of different qualities. This is achieved by variation in rotor speed and air flow
  • Enhancement In Quality: Enhancement in product quality. We can get the finess in the range of 3000-6000cm2/gm by variation in rotor speed and air flow
Cyclone Separator

The Cyclone Separator is used for air-product separation when working with non-dusty material. In case of dusty materials, cyclone is used as a primary separator and further separation of fine material is done using a bag filter.

BS ENGINEERING Cyclone Separator consists of a cylindrical vessel with tangential air inlet, central beveled air outlet and dust collecting hopper with protecting cone.

The standard manufacturing range is selected after careful study and covers a wide range of flow rates. Standard separator are manufactured from mild steel sheets but alternatively materials like stainless steel or aluminium can be used. Chemical/heat/abrasion resistant coating inside the cyclone can be provided for special applications.


  • No moving parts – all welded construction.
  • Compact and easy to install – can be delivered as a pre-assembled unit.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Efficient and inexpensive
  • Suitable for high temperature applications.
  • Suitable for negative and positive pressure systems.
  • Spiral roof guarantees a turbulance free flow at inlet.
  • Acts as a material receiver and separator.
Grit / Static Air Separator:

Grit Separator or Static Separator have no rotary parts to do the separation. The separation is done with the help of air, which carries and introduces the material inside the Separator.

Grit /Static Separator separates the small particles but it does not pick them up.

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