Quality is the hallmark of our industry, to maintain preset quality standards we manufacture, supply and export a wide assortment of Storage Silo Systems. These products are available in different specifications that can be customized as per the requirements of the clients.

We are reckoned amongst the clients for offering a wide assortment of Silo System. This is one of the popular designs for storage of various types of cements. Though we refer to this Silo as Flat Bottom Silo, it is actually not completely flat. The floor is actually poured in such a way that it forms a conical dish type of configuration between 10° to 15° slopes.

This type of design allows the Industry to produce larger diameter silos without the civil design problems of cone construction. Silos with this design require fluoridation to aid the withdrawal of finished product. Withdrawal can be either in center or side of the silo bottom. Open type aeration pads are used in radial pattern with central aeration pad for central discharge. In case of side discharge, fan pattern aeration arrangement is used with slope of 10° to 15°.


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Affordable

A wide assortment of Blending Silos is offered to our prestigious clients. The blending silo is simultaneously used for a continuous blending process as well as for raw mix storage. The feeding of the silo takes place via a parallel distributor and Aero Slides ensuring a controlled build-up of the different material layers. Homogenizing of the raw meal is achieved by causing the layers of different CaCO3 content to flow together by funneling action and thus merging with one another. The gravity flow in the funnels produces the blending effect.


  • Safe to use.
  • Easy installation.
  • Available in various sizes.

Inverted Cone Storage Silo Systems has emerged as one of the most popular designs in the Cement Industry due to several benefits like up to 99% emptying efficiency, low power consumption and availability of multiple outlets. Only a small ring of the Silo bottom is covered with fluidizing units and divided into several sections. At any given time only selected section is activated by means of low capacity Roots Type Blower and other sections are activated in a cyclic manner. Several discharge gates placed at the circumference of the Silo opens one after the other making the cement flow towards the outer shell.

The cement moves downwards at the Silo wall avoiding the formation of incrustations and dead zones on Silo wall. Several Inverted Cone Silos of this type are supplied by us for materials like OPC Cement, PPC Cement, Fly Ash, Ground / granulated blast furnace slag, Slag Cement and various others.


  • Quality approved
  • Durability
  • Trouble free operations

We have gained expertise in domain, offering a wide assortment of Multi Compartment Silos. Throughout the world, there is a requirement to store various types of Cement & filler materials like Fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag etc. End users often require different mix ratio with different filler materials. Because of this the product cannot be stored in final form. The multi compartment Silo with the central inverted cone offers a means to store multiple types of cement as well as the filler materials in different compartments of a single silo. Using the inverted cone as the common structure, the Silo is divided into an inner and outer ring or various compartments.


  • Available in various specifications
  • Hassle free performance
  • Durable

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